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Nuvair manufactures Gas Analyzers for the Diving, Medical, Safety, Industrial and Government sectors.

Pro O2 Oxygen Analyzers

Our Pro O2 Analyzers come in 2 body designs portable and panel (compressor) mount in addition the sensor can be housed in the body or attached via remote cable. All four designs allow for the user to replace batteries and sensors as needed.

Easy to operate, extremely accurate and stable, the Nuvair Pro O2 unit is preferred by commercial, military, technical, and advanced recreational divers using Nitrox. Our water and impact resistant case is designed for everyday use in the marine environment. To change the battery or Sensor, simply unscrew 4 screws and you have easy access to these user changeable components. The Pro O2 analyzer can be placed in line with your compressor during gas production or as a standalone unit testing and individual scuba tank or storage cylinders of Nitrox. We offer a wide range of accessories for adapting to compressors and diver (buoyancy compensator) BC power inflator. All Pro O2 units are built in house and tested before leaving and are ready to use upon receipt. (BC flow adapter sold separately.)

O2 Analyzers
Pro O2 Analyzers Standard (Part#9450) and Remote (Part#9452)
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O2 Analyzers

Panel or Compressor Mount Pro O2 Analyzers Standard (Part#9462) and Remote (Part#9460)
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  • Fast Response, Thermally Compensated Sensor
  • Completely Sealed, Water Resistant Housing
  • Ideal for Nitrox Production Use
  • Easy Calibration
  • User Replaceable Battery and Sensor
  • On/Off Switch
  • Highly Accurate and Stable Output
  • Internal Sensor
  • Sample Low Pressure Gas Flow
  • Direct High Pressure Gas Cylinder Analysis

Specifications: *
Range: 0.1-100.0% Oxygen (0-1 ATA PPO2)
Display Accuracy: +/- 0.1%
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Expected Sensor Life, Room Air: 36 Months
Power: 9V Alkaline Battery
Response Time: Less Than 6 Seconds to 90% of Final Value
Operating Temperature: 32-104° F (0-40° C)
Storage Temperature: 32-122° F (0-50° C)
Pressure: Sensitive to Partial Pressure
Humidity: 0-99% RH (Non-Condensing)
Warranty: 36 Months Pro-Rated
* All specifications are at ambient / sea level, 25° C

Pro O2 Alarm Oxygen Analyzers

(hand held part# 9611, panel mount part# 9612)
Pro O2 Alarm Oxygen Analyzers
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Pro O2 Alarm is designed for inline measurement of oxygen in a mixed gas. The alarms featured in this model include two audible alarms for High and Low percentages and an analog output for shutting down your compressor automatically with optional relay. Compatible with Nitrox, Heliox and Trimix.

  • Fast Response
  • Made to Test Breathing Gases
  • Available in a Portable or Panel Mount
  • LCD Display
  • On/Off Switch
  • Rugged High Impact Plastic
  • Requires Very Little Maintenance
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Long life Electrochemical Sensor
  • Low Battery Warning Indicator
  • Easy To Operate, Reliable and Accurate
  • Two- Hi/Low Custom Audible & Visual Alarms
  • 4-20 mA Analog Output for external devices
  • Capable of shutting down compressor at set alarm

*Specifications: Pro O2 Alarm
Display Accuracy: +/- 1%
Range: 0-100% Oxygen
Sensor Type: Electrochemical
Power: 9 Volt Alkaline or Lithium Battery (optional 110/120V)
Operating Temperature: 41 to 86 Degrees F (5 to 30 Degrees C)
will work outside this range with decreased accuracy
Storage Temperature: -4 to 122 Degrees F (-20 to 50 Degrees C)
Operating Humidity: 0 to 100% RH, Non-Condensing
Warranty: 12 Months
Weight: 11 Ounces (312g) - Panel Mount
* All specifications are at ambient / sea level, 77 Degrees F (25 Degrees C)

Pick O2 Oxygen Analyzers

Pick O2 Analyzers
Pick-O2 is a small hand-held instrument including an electrochemical sensor for quick determination of Oxygen-concentration. Based on the diffusion principle, it can either work passive or active in a gas stream.

Specifications: *
Display: 2 Digit LCD / Digit
height: 12.7mm
Calibration: 1 Button, after pressing displayed Value = 21 Vol.% O2
Effective range: 0 ... 99 Vol.% O2
Resolution: 1 Vol.% O2
Accuracy: +/- 0.5 Vol.% O2 from 0 to 50 Vol.% O2
+/- 2 Vol.% O2 from 50 to 99 Vol.% O2
Response Time 90%: less than 2 seconds
Sample rate: 1 per second
Temperature range: 0 - 50° Celsius
Connector: M 16 x 1
Dimensions: 74mm x 48mm x 59mm (H x W x D)

All analyzers must be checked for calibration using a certified test gas equal to the mixture being analyzed before each use and at least monthly.