You have decided to purchase a compressor. That’s great, but now what? With so many different manufacturers and options available, it can be difficult navigating through this decision-making process alone. Let Nuvair help you determine a system that best fits your requirements.

But before we can help you, think through some of the basic questions we are going to ask you when you call. For instance:

What will you use the compressor for?

Here are some typical answers to this first question:

In a dive shop?
In a commercial diving operation?
With a fire or public safety agency?
Aboard a boat or yacht?
In a medical facility?
Will it be for personal use?

At park or field?
At a retail facility?
For personal use?




How much pressure to you need?

We informally classify compressors into the following groups:

• Low Pressure: Less than 500 psi (<34 bar)
Medium Pressure: 500-1500 psi (34-103 bar)
High Pressure: 1500-6000 psi (103-414 bar)
Ultra-High Pressure: Over 6000 psi (>414 bar)

How much flow do you need?

With pressure already decided, the next decision to make is how much volume of air is required for your needs. There are many ways to quantify volume, but the two simplest measures and in cubic feet or liters per minute. If you are not sure, be prepared to describe what the compressor needs to do, such as:

Occasionally fill paintball cylinders at home
Direct air and 32-36% nitrox fills up for 24 divers on a live-aboard charter yacht
Maintain a 30-gallon (113 L) volume tank at an automotive repair shop with six mechanics
Support four surface-supplied commercial divers at depths to 66 feet (20 meters).
Dive shop with air and nitrox air banks filling 50 tanks per day

What is the operating duty cycle?

Will the compressor be used periodically or should it be rated for continuous duty?

How will the compressor be powered?

If the plan is to use electricity, what is the available power supply at the installation site? We will need to know available volts, phases, and if the power supply is 50 or 60 Hz.
Or gas engine
Or diesel engine

With these answers in hand, please email us using the Contact Form or give us a call at +1-805-815-4044 and we will help you determine the compressor system that will meet your specific requirements.



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