Mounted in an ergonomically designed frame made of stainless steel or powder-coated steel, the ERGO is the newest edition to the Nuvair line of MCH13 and MCH16 compressors. Similar in performance to the Coltri/Nuvair Mini Tech, the ERGO open frame offers easy component access and a reduced footprint for space-conscious users.

Electric or diesel powered, the pressure gauge, hour meter and emergency stop button are all mounted to the sleek control panel. Pumps up to 9.4 CFM FAD, 10.8 SCFM (265 L/min FAD) at 5000 psi (345 bar). Fill an 80 cu ft scuba cylinder in 11 minutes or less. For additional information, see the ERGO product page.


• Tri-chem breathing air purification system
• Disposable purification cartridge
• Manual condensate drains
• Pressure relief valve on all stages
• Emergency stop
• Motor starter
• Hour meter


• Powder-coated steel frame
• Automatic condensate drains
• Pressure switch
• High temperature shutdown
• Low oil shutdown
• Interstage pressure gauges
• Visual carbon monoxide/moisture indicator
• Gas power

Nuvair Egro Air Compressor



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