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Rotair has been making compressors for the last 40 years and we use the Rotair RVK/G line of Rotary Screw compressors in most of our Nitrox packages.

  • New design that is more compact
  • Eco-friendly, low noise levels as specified by current regulations
  • New air-oil separation system

The screws are direct transmission type without gear rev multiplier. This solution ensures reduced wear of the screw set, reduced overheating, ensures reduced noise and energy consumption.

Visit the Rotair website here: Rotair Compressors Online and find a model that matches your requirements. Once you have the model or models your interested in shoot us an email and we will quote you delivery time and pricing.

Visit our replacement parts page online here: Rotair Consumable Parts and pick up oil, oil & air filters for your Rotair RVG or RVK rotary screw compressor.