Our Products

Low Pressure

Nuvair is an authorized Champion, CompAir, Quincy, and Hydrovane reseller. You can visit any of the manufacturers sites we represent and provide us with a make and model you would like quoted.

ChampHonda CompAir-Compressors Quincy-Q-Compressor Hydrovane-HV11-compressor

Below on the left is an example of a custom 500 PSI low pressure back up compressor we built for the offshore gas and oil industry. On the right is an example of a custom built Hydrovane compressor for a large dental office.

Nuvair_IR7T2_1010_0003 Hydrovane-Dental-Air-Compressor

High Pressure

Stock or customized our compressors have commercial applications in automotive, manufacturing, painting, medical, refrigeration and more. We have a range of compressor options to meet your needs.

All of our high pressure compressors for breathing air can also be used for industrial purposes. Click here to see our high pressure line

You can also contact us by email with a specification wants list ie.- power, CFM and top pressure for a quote.

Contact Nuvair by phone during our business hours of 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM PST, Monday through Friday.