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Nuvair is a worldwide manufacturing leader in offshore and inland commercial diving air/nitrox compressors. We fabricate breathing air systems from small turnkey solutions to large, custom-built designs for your vessel, barge or shop that meet your specific needs. Our container packages for larger operations can incorporate low pressure, high pressure and nitrox compressors into a connex container that can be moved from job to job.


Recreational DivingView Products

If you operate a dive shop, you may already own a high-pressure compressor to fill cylinders. Additionally, you may also be partial-pressure blending nitrox for your customers. Nuvair can incorporate a patented membrane into your existing high-pressure compressor system to safely and economically produce an unlimited supply of nitrox. No more dealing with the cost and hassle of handling large oxygen tanks and all the issues surrounding oxygen cleaning. Follow the link to view photos of typical dive shop installations. We can also incorporate a customized filling panel into your system.


Harvest DivingView Products

Because harvest divers spend many hours underwater, the health and financial benefits of using nitrox are many. No more transporting heavy cylinders between filling stations and your boat, or getting out to your dive site and realizing you have the wrong O2 mixture for your diving depth. Incorporating a membrane system with your existing high-pressure compressor ensures an endless supply of nitrox that can be customized to your specific diving profile.

As a harvest diver, you may need to place your equipment below deck or in an engine room so that your deck and fish holds are clear to accommodate your catch. Our systems can handle these hot conditions and produce a constant flow of nitrox up to EANx40.


Research Diving

If you operate a research vessel, your diving possibilities are endless. You may want to produce compressed air or nitrox on land or at sea. Your vessel may be 30 or 300 feet in length. You may have just a few—or dozens—of divers. Your vessel might require below-deck compressor installation where spaces can be hot and humid or you might be required to fly equipment to remote locations.

Nuvair is experienced in outfitting private and government research vessels with turnkey air and nitrox diving systems that can be water-cooled and modular, with all components mounted in a single frame for easy transport and installation. You might find that one of our standard turnkey units—the Element, Traveler, Traveler II, Titan, Voyager LP 500 Diesel, LP280 Nitrox Generator, LP560 Nitrox Generator, or LP713 Nitrox Generator—is right for your vessel or expedition.

If you have unique diving needs and require one of our larger commercial systems, call us today to discuss how a Nuvair system can benefit your operation.