Our Products

Every fill panel and fill block Nuvair sells is built at our California production facility. We fabricate our air and gas fill panels with stainless steel for use with your fill station or cascade system. Fill blocks are made from steel or stainless steel. Proper gas management controls the gas pressure being delivered to storage cylinders by using panel or block regulators and valves thereby reducing the likelihood of overfills and the adverse impacts of hot fills.

Our fill panels and fill blocks are installed worldwide and are used to fill SCUBA, SCBA and paintball cylinders in dive shops, paintball stores, fire stations, commercial dive vessels, paintball parks, dive boats, and yachts. If you have special requirements that our standard fill panels or blocks cannot fulfill, Nuvair can custom build a bock or panel to meet your specific needs. Please email us and we will design and manufacture a custom fill panel or block for you.

Please Note: Fill panels and fill blocks are a gas management tool. They do not generate compressed gas. A source of compressed gas is required to fill tanks.

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