Our Products

Nuvair manufactures Gas Analyzers for the Diving, Medical, Safety, Industrial and Government sectors.

Our Gas Analyzer range is designed to be portable, rugged, accurate and user friendly. Most of our Analyzers fit into the palm of your hand and offer user changeable batteries and sensors.


Extremely accurate and stable O2 analyzing unit.
Now with alarm and relay capability.

Carbon Monoxide

Extremely accurate and stable CO analyzing unit.
Now with alarm and relay capability.


Extremely accurate and stable N2 analyzing unit with alarm and relay capability.

Flow Restrictors & Meters

Flow Restrictors to optimize air flow for accurate sampling with O2 analyzers, CO analyzers, HE analyzers and CO2 analyzers. Exposing analyzer sensors to non-optimum pressures may cause sensor damage. Flow Meter for accurate manual flow restriction.

Carbon Dioxide

Extremely accurate and stable CO2 analyzing unit with alarm and relay capability.


Extremely accurate and stable Helium analyzing unit.


Extremely accurate and stable Trimix analyzing unit.


Replacement sensors for oxygen analyzing equipment.