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Nuvair carbon monoxide analyzers are designed to detect levels of CO that could be harmful to a diver before the gas reaches the diver. Our CO analyzers can be attached to a high pressure compressor for monitoring tank fills or in-line on a low pressure compressor that is providing surface supplied air to a diver. The analyzers offer both visual and audible alarms to warn the compressor operator of potential CO hazards in the breathing air being supplied. We have two styles of CO analyzers that can be portable or panel mounted directly to the compressor depending on your requirements.

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer

Our Pro CO Alarm Analyzer has a fast response time and comes as a handheld, panel mount or in a compact water resistant unit. Audible alarm at 10 ppm CO, portable with batteries, easy-to-operate, reliable and accurate carbon monoxide gas analysis.


  • Portable or panel instrument
  • Large LCD display
  • On/Off switch
  • Rugged high impact plastic
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Low power consumption
  • Long life electrochemical sensor
  • Easy to operate, reliable and accurate
  • Display Accuracy to ±5%
  • Battery test function

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer - Panel Mount

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer - Panel Mount

SKU: 9624

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer - Handheld

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer - Handheld

SKU: 9625

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer in Waterproof Box

Pro CO Alarm Analyzer in Waterproof Box

SKU: 9626-LB


DE-OX SAFE CO Analyzer

The DE-OX SAFE is able to test a tank fill for carbon monoxide content in any breathable gas mix, including air, or it can be connected to a gas or diesel compressor for in-line continuous monitoring.

Carbon monoxide is a colorless and odorless toxic gas, that could be exhausted from an engine or from poorly maintained compressor filters. If breathed it bonds with blood hemoglobin affecting the oxygen transport to the body tissues. Carbon monoxide poisoning is extremely dangerous and can only be treated with immediate medical attention and could lead to death.

DE-OX SAFE measures your breathing gas for toxic levels of CO. It is easy to use and allows the user to personally check if the gas mix or air is carbon monoxide free. Essential for dive centers to check the compressors breathing gas CO content and for divers travelling abroad.

DE-OX SAFE is based on a state-of-the-art carbon monoxide electrochemical sensor that should not need periodical calibration. Relay outputs can sound alarms, activate lights and shut off the compressor if the carbon monoxide level is over the user programmed set levels.

DE-OX SAFE Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

DE-OX SAFE Carbon Monoxide Analyzer

SKU: 9634

Pro 4 Warn Analyzer

The Nuvair Pro 4 Warn combines our oxygen, carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide analyzers into one enclosure with our electronic moisture monitor and compressor high temperature alarm.

The Pro 4 Warn is a complete solution to monitor your air or nitrox compressors for harmful gas contamination. The compact water-resistant enclosure protects all monitors and alarms. Simple to use with an easy to read format.

Nuvair Pro 4 Warn Alarm Analyzer

Nuvair Pro 4 Warn Alarm Analyzer

SKU: 9604-LB