Hydrovane HV Series 5.5-60 hp Compressors


Specifications and Features:

  • Direct Drive
  • 24 to 259 cfm
  • Low noise levels - 66 to 73 dB(A)
  • Fully Enclosed
  • IP55 Electric Motor
  • Slow Speed: 870-2200 RPM
  • Full Air Intake Modulation
  • Automatic Start/Stop
  • Lower Off Load Power (REVS)
  • Electronic Controller
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Smallest footprint in its class
  • Direct Drive
  • starter and aftercooler included

The Hydrovane HV (ACE) series of vertical enclosed fixed speed rotary vane compressors offer world class flexibility and reliability, and the smallest footprint of any rotary compressor in the industry. Slow speed direct drive operation coupled with few moving parts means less components to fail and no power loss through belts or gears. Maintenance costs are reduced by the simple construction and grouped service components; spin-off / spin-on separator and filter elements further simplify maintenance and decrease the time required for routine service.

Hydrovane HV (ACE) series is enclosed for quiet operation, and with a small footprint and low noise levels these compressors can be conveniently located at the point of use. With Hydrovane, installation is hassle-free. All vertical enclosed units fit through a standard 36� (914mm) door providing the most versatile compressor range in the market.

The Reduced Energy Venting System (REVS) provides energy savings. This system supplies a low starting current and reduced off load power to 25% by rapidly venting internal pressure.

Additionally, receiver and refrigerant dryer options are available on the HV 4 to 22 kW (5.5 to 30 hp) models, for a complete plug and play Hypac.

Energy saving Regulated Speed (RS) models are available from 7 to 45 kW (10 to 60 hp).

An industry leading Advance 10 year extended warranty is available on all Hydrovane standard products (Unless specified).

Nuvair is a distributor for the Hydrovane line. Visit the Hydrovane website compressor page here Hydrovane and find a model that matches your requirements. Once you have the model or models your interested in shoot us an email and we will quote you delivery time and pricing.

Model Motor HP Voltage Phase Rated PSIG Output FAD CFM Noise level dba Weight lbs. Dimension - LxWxH
HV04 5 208-230V 1Ph or 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 20-17.4 66 399 25x20x41
HV05 7.5 208-230V 1Ph or 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 30.5-21.5 66 410 25x20x41
HV07 10 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 36.6-29.4 67 434 25x20x41
HV11 15 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -52.445.9 69 847 32.5x27.6x60
HV15 20 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -67.360.6 70 875 32.5x27.6x60
HV18 25 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -100.489.4 71 1060 32.5x27.6x60
HV22 30 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -112.7101.3 72 1090 32.5x27.6x60
HV30 40 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -155.7143.2 73 1889 43x35x63
HV37 50 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -201.8175.9 73 2008 43x35x63
HV45 60 200-230/460V 3Ph 100115150 -226.5198.5 73 2072 43x35x63