Nuvair manufactures a wide range of gas analyzers used by commercial divers. Whether it is a single gas analyzer for O2, CO, CO2, or He, or a multi-gas monitor for technical diving, you can trust our analyzers will provide the right readings for your breathing air systems.

Carbon Dioxide

The Pro CO2 analyzer measures carbon dioxide levels of breathing gas mixtures and air. These high performance, general purpose CO2 sensors provide temperature compensated and linear carbon dioxide measurement over sensing range. The sensor contains a long life tungsten filament infrared light source, an optical cavity into which gas diffuses. For multigas analysis, check out the Nuvair Pro Trio, Pro Trimix, Pro He-O2 Trimix, and Pro 4 Warn.


The Nuvair line of oxygen analyzing units come in a variety of styles to meet most applications and user requirements. Other options include remote monitoring, relay outputs and audible/visual alarms. Be sure to check out the Nuvair O2 Quickstick, our top-selling oxygen analyzer for nitrox divers.

Carbon Monoxide

Odorless, tasteless and invisible, carbon monoxide (CO) can prove lethal to divers in small quantities. Available for personal use or for integration into a compressor system, CO analyzer options include audible alarms for low pressure, high temperature or CO detection.


Our nitrogen analyzers are portable and easy to operate with user-changeable components. Used extensively in the automotive, food, and military industries. Available in handheld and panel mount versions.


Designed for use with mixed gases, our helium analyzers come as handheld units or for compressor panel mounting. Compatible with heliox or trimix, our analyzers can continuously monitor helium content during gas mixing. Available in a waterproof box mount.


Designed for technical and rebreather divers, the Nuvair line of multigas analyzers are mounted in protective waterproof carrying cases. Analyzers are self-calibrating and include audible and visual alarms for user-defined set points.

Flow Restrictors

Flow restrictors optimize gas flow for accurate sampling with gas analyzers. Exposing analyzer sensors to non-optimum flow/pressure may cause sensor damage. Flow meters provide users a visual indicator of flow rate for accurate pressure delivery to sensitive gas sensors.

Sensors & Batteries

We stock carbon monoxide (CO) and oxygen (O2) sensors and batteries for all our current and legacy gas analyzers, such as the Pro O2, Pro CO, Pro Trimix, 4 Warn, and 02 Quickstick. We also carry replacement sensors for DE-OX, UBS and OMS analyzers.

Test Gas

Nuvair stocks a variety of certified gases for testing and calibration of gas analyzers and associated gas handling equipment. Test gases include: carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, CNG, helium, nitrogen, and oxygen in pure and mixed form.


The Nuvair Pro H2O Alarm and 4 Warn analyzers can measure moisture (H2O) levels in stored gas cylinders or monitor H2O in the gases in the continuous gas flow from a compressor. Includes audible and visual alarms with user-defined set points.


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