Lithium 7.4V Replacement Analyzer Battery with PCB

7.4V 1150-1300mAh 9.62Wh Li-Ion Polymer battery pack with protective circuit board (PCB) and bare leads. Replacement battery fits the following Nuvair Pro gas analyzer SKUs: 9608-LB, 9609-LB, 9616-LB, 9617-LB, 9620-LB, 9621.5-LB, 9621-LB, 9626-LB, 9627-LB & 9628-LB.


Li-Ion Polymer 7.4V replacement battery for use in the following analyzers:

  • SKU: 9608-LB Pro He in weather resistant case
  • SKU: 9609-LB Pro Trimix in weather resistant case
  • SKU: 9616-LB Pro CO2 Handheld
  • SKU: 9617-LB Pro CO2 Panel Mount
  • SKU: 9620-LB Pro CO with high temperature alarm in weather resistant case
  • SKU: 9621.5-LB Pro CO with low pressure alarm
  • SKU: 9621-LB Pro CO with low pressure and high temperature alarm
  • SKU: 9626-LB Pro CO Alarm in weather resistant case
  • SKU: 9627-LB Pro He Alarm Handheld
  • SKU: 9628-LB Pro He Alarm Panel Mount

For our international customers (outside of the United States), FedEx limits or prohibits the shipment of replacement lithium batteries. For additional information, please review the FedEx Service Limitations of Lithium Batteries for a list of prohibited countries. If you have questions about lithium battery shipment, please contact Nuvair for assistance.