Lithium 11.1V Replacement Analyzer Battery with PCB


11.1V 1150-1200mAh 13.32Wh Li-Ion Polymer battery pack with protective circuit board (PCB) and bare leads. Replacement battery fits the following Nuvair Pro gas analyzer SKUs: 9603-LB, 9604-LB, 9605-LB, 9606-LB, 9607-LB, 9610-LB, 9615.5-LB, 9623-LB & 9626.5-LB.

Li-Ion Polymer 11.1V replacement battery for use in the following analyzers:

  • SKU: 9603-LB Pro Trio
  • SKU: 9604-LB Pro 4 Warn
  • SKU: 9605-LB Pro Moisture Alarm with SPDT Relays
  • SKU: 9606-LB Pro Moisture Analyzer Handheld
  • SKU: 9607-LB Pro Moisture Analyzer Panel Mount
  • SKU: 9610-LB Pro O2 Alarm w/ SPDT Relays
  • SKU: 9615.5-LB Pro CO2 Alarm w/ SPDT Relays
  • SKU: 9623-LB Pro Duo Alarm
  • SKU: 9626.5-LB Pro CO Alarm with Relay
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