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Nuvair is the worldwide leader in innovative nitrox solutions. With thousands of international installations and a dealer support network reaching to the four corners of the globe, Nuvair is the clear choice for nitrox generation systems.

Nuvair nitrox systems use modern membrane technology to produce oxygen-enriched air (EAN or nitrox) from standard air compressors. Our membrane systems can be purchased as a standalone product to be incorporated into an existing compressor system or as a complete turnkey integrated system for low-pressure or high-pressure operations. EANx32, EANx36, or any other desired oxygen percentage up to 40%, can be dialed in on the fly.

Nuvair nitrox systems are economical, easy to operate, and highly reliable whether your pumping tanks with HP air or supplying divers with an LP feed. The benefits of utilizing nitrox, such as increased bottom time and decreased surface intervals, have become widely known throughout the diving industry. Producing nitrox using a membrane is a safer, more economical alternative to oxygen (partial pressure) blending.

High Pressure Nitrox or Air Compressors

Nuvair's "High Pressure Nitrox Generators" are industrial nitrox generating systems commonly used for filling storage banks that will be used to support divers on surface-supplied nitrox. Nuvair has several sizes (rated by cubic feet per minute [CFM] output) of high-pressure nitrox generators. Call us today to discuss how a Nuvair system can benefit your operation.

Companies who already own a low-pressure compressor can take advantage of Nuvair Nitrox HP generators. Using your existing LP compressor to supply the feed air, our nitrox compressors generate high-pressure nitrox and air for filling large gas storage banks. These compressors were built around the thought that most commercial dive companies have a low-pressure compressor onsite and would like to save money in generating nitrox for their divers.

Nuvair Commercial HP Nitrox Generator

Nuvair Commercial HP Nitrox Generator


Portable High Pressure Nitrox System

The Nuvair "Traveler Series" compressor packages can be taken on the road. The Traveler can produce nitrox for your scuba cylinders and can be used while traveling and is light enough to be loaded on the back of your truck or motorhome.