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Nuvair is the worldwide leader in innovative nitrox solutions. With thousands of installations worldwide and a dealer support network reaching to the four corners of the globe, Nuvair is the clear choice for nitrox generating systems.

Nuvair nitrox systems use modern membrane technology to produce oxygen rich air (nitrox) from standard air compressors. Our membrane systems can be purchased as standalone product to be incorporated into an existing compressor system or as a complete, turnkey integrated system for high pressure (HP) production. Generating standard blend nitrox at 32% oxygen (EANx32), 36% oxygen (EANx36), or any other desired percentage between 22% and 40% oxygen can be dialed-in on the fly. Should your system be on a liveaboard dive boat, you can fix the system to produce only EANx32. A Nuvair system is economical, easy to operate, and highly reliable whether you are pumping tanks with HP air or nitrox.

Nuvair has made it simple for you to purchase a turnkey system based on the cubic feet per minute (CFM) or liters per minute (L/min) needed. Our packages delivered are ready to go. We can also custom build systems for your specific needs across a wide variety of markets.

The benefits of diving nitrox have become widely known throughout the diving industry. Producing nitrox using a membrane is a safer and more economical alternative to oxygen blending.

Any one of Nuvair's turnkey units, the Traveler II, Titan and Voyager Series, may be right for you, or you may have unique diving needs and require one of our larger commercial systems. Call us today to discuss how a Nuvair system can benefit your operation.

Traveler II: Portable Nitrox Generator

The Nuvair Traveler series of compressors can be taken on the road. The Travelers can fill scuba tanks with 22-40% nitrox or air out of the back of your truck. Our Traveler II is ideal for divers looking to take nitrox on the road or have a house in a remote location and want to fill their own tanks with nitrox or Air.

Titan: High Pressure Nitrox/Air Delivery System for the Budget Minded

The Nuvair Titan compressor package integrates two compressors onto a large volume tank that provides added air filtration in hot and humid environments. Using a Champion low pressure (LP) compressor and a Coltri MCH series high pressure (HP) compressor, the Titan produces 9 SCFM (255 L/min) of 22-40% nitrox at 3600 PSI (250 bar) or air up to 5000 PSI (345 bar).

Titan Nitrox Generating System

Titan Nitrox Generating System

SKU: 7065 / 7066

Voyager Series: Turnkey High Pressure Nitrox/Air Delivery Systems

The Nuvair Voyager series of compressors integrate two compressors into an enclosed cabinet with large, easy to remove access doors for maintenance. The cabinet reduces compressor noise and offers a nice control panel on the front for easy operation. Using an EK76 LP compressor and Coltri MCH series HP compressors we are able to provide 22% to 40% nitrox from 8.4-17 CFM (240-481 L/min) at 3,600 psi (250 bar) or air at 6,000 psi (414 bar).

Commercial Turnkey High Pressure Nitrox/Air Delivery Systems

Nuvair has come up with a turnkey high pressure nitrox generating compressor system for commercial dive companies looking to fill storage bank racks onsite. We have integrated the Quincy 390 and our Coltri MCH26 high pressure block to provide 26.4 SCFM (748 L/min) of 22-40% nitrox at 3,600 PSI (250 bar) or air at 6,000 PSI (414 bar). Available in electric or diesel powered configurations.