Our Products

Nuvair is the worldwide leader in innovative nitrox solutions. With more than a thousand installations worldwide and a dealer support network reaching to the four corners of the globe, Nuvair is the clear choice for nitrox systems. The benefits of utilizing nitrox in diving, such as increased bottom time to depths of 120 feet (36 m) and enhanced safety, have become widely known throughout the diving industry. Producing nitrox using a membrane is more economical than blending, easy-to-operate, and highly reliable for the percentage of nitrox being generated.

The Nuvair nitrox system uses modern membrane technology to produce oxygen enriched air (nitrox) from standard air compressors. If you are a commercial dive company with divers on LP nitrox up to 40% and need to change the percentage as the divers move to different working depths, it's no problem! Nitrox percentages can be adjusted during the dive for constant delivery. Divers can also be switched to air for deeper depths. A Nuvair system is economical and highly reliable at supplying divers with a low-pressure nitrox and air.

Commercial Surface-Supplied, Low-Pressure Nitrox or Air Delivery Systems

Nuvair LP>LP nitrox compressor systems are built to deliver surface supply air or nitrox at up to 40% oxygen directly to the diver. Below are turnkey packages that start at 10 CFM (283 L/min) and go up to 50 CFM (1416 L/min). This output range is available in gas, diesel, or electric. Electric systems are available for any voltage or hertz you may require. The three-phase models are available in 50 or 60 Hz. Two (2) oxygen analyzers are provided.

Our frames are constructed of 6061 aluminum, steel, or stainless steel. The compressor plates are usually made with 316 stainless steel or steel. A drip pan, belt guard, lifting eyes and forklift slots for transporting are included on all models. Volume tanks size and diver air filtration options can be customized for your needs. Whether more CFM is needed to be delivered, the installation has site considerations or you just need a little tweak in one of our existing packages, let us know and we will be happy to consult with you.

Commercial Connex Container with LP and HP Nitrox or Air Compressors

Nuvair has come up with several custom solutions for putting our compressor packages into connex containers. Contact Nuvair for more information.