Our Products

Nuvair is a global manufacturer and distributor of paintball compressors, fill stations and accessories. You can purchase our products as individual items or turnkey paintball packages directly from us or through our dealers worldwide.

Whether you are a paintball player looking for a portable compressor, a paintball shop filling tanks for customers throughout the day, or a large paintball park needing a continuous-duty system to support multiple teams in action, Nuvair has the solution for you.

If you are a paintball vendor (or even a player!) looking for a turnkey system, check out our paintball packages. Our package systems deliver 3.4 to 26 CFM (96 to 736 L/min) at 4500 to 6000 PSI (310 to 414 bar).

Please contact one of our knowledgeable sales associates and well will design the perfect paintball solution for your personal or professional needs.

Compressors Fill Panels Accessories Packages