Personal Scuba Filter – INT (Yoke)

Do you worry about air fill quality when diving? The Personal Scuba Filter mounts easily between INT/Yoke tanks and the compressed air source. Produces Grade D breathing air by removing moisture, hydrocarbons, oil, taste/odor, and converts CO to less dangerous CO2. This item has been discontinued and is in short supply!


As a diver, the quality of breathing air fills might be a concern for you, especially in locations where the source of air is questionable or unknown. The Personal Scuba Filter easily mounts in-line between an INT/Yoke cylinder and the compressed air source. When using the included SC000340-MHC disposable filter cartridge, the Personal Scuba Filter can produce Grade D breathing air by removing moisture, hydrocarbons, oil, taste, and odor, while also converting carbon monoxide (CO) to carbon dioxide (CO2), which is less dangerous in breathing air.

For proper filtration, do not fill tanks rapidly as this small filter is made to handle 6-7 CFM air flow. For the filter to work as designed, a 10+ minute fill on 80 cu ft tanks is required. The filter element is clear with litmus paper and should be checked visually for remaining filter life regularly.

Dimensions: 17.125 in (435 mm) length; 2.125 in (54 mm) diameter.

Also available in DIN 200 and DIN 300 versions. Replacement filter cartridge: SC000340-MHC.

Tr-Chem Breathing Breathing Filter Breakdown