We realize our stock compressor systems might not meet your specific requirements. Let us design a custom-built compressor for you. We have built packages to: run off hydraulics, fit below-deck on vessels, operate in a connex container, and fill tanks out of the back of a trailer.

Nuvair offers a range of compressors from light to heavy duty commercial grade dive compressors. We realize our stock designs do not meet everyone's needs and are open to coming up with a custom design to fit your requirements.

We have built packages to run off Hydraulics, fit in boats, container packages, included both diesel and electric motors in the same frame... you get the picture, we can design most any type of configuration.

Contact us with your custom design ideas for a quote today.

San Francisco job site.

Diesel powered 22 CFM high pressure supplied system on a job site in San Francisco.

Liveaboard installation

Custom installation aboard an American liveaboard recreational dive boat.

Surface-supplied diver support system

Another Nuvair custom-built breathing air compressor on a job site requiring surface-supplied diver support.

Computer rendering of compressor system

Computer rendering of a custom harvest vessel low-pressure nitrox compressor system.


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