High-Pressure Refrigerated Air Dryer, 50Hz


Use of refrigerated air dyers can result in longer filter life, improved air quality, less internal mechanical parts corrosion, and constant humidity in recharged cylinders. Rated for 22 CFM (623 L/min). Maximum pressure: 6526 psi (500 bar). 50 Hz power.

The refrigerated air dryer is positioned between the final stage and high-pressure water separator. Compressed air is cooled down inside a closed cooling circuit. As a result, the dew point of the compressed air decreases and most of the moisture and oil contained condenses or is removed by the oil and water separator. Consequently, only a very small amount of moisture enters the filter cartridge, which significantly increases its life.

Rated for 36 m3 (22 CFM). Maximum pressure: 6526 psi (500 bar). 50 Hz power.

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