Coltri MCH22-30-36-45 4th Stage Valve Head Kit

Coltri MCH22, MCH30, MCH36 and MCH45 compressor fourth stage valve head kit. Contains 8 parts. For additional information, see Parts List page 14-36 located under the User Manuals tab.

Kit Parts

Quantity SKU Part Name
1 36-04-026 3rd Generation Discharge Valve Guide Bushing
1 36-04-027 3rd Generation Discharge Valve Guide Spring Screw
1 36-04-017 2nd & 3rd Generation Discharge Valve Spring
1 36-04-014/1 3rd Generation Valve Discharge Plate 4th Stage
1 36-04-011/1 3rd Generation Valve Head 4th Stage
1 36-04-018 2nd & 3rd Generation Suction Disc Valve
1 36-04-020 2nd & 3rd Generation Spring Plate 4th Stage
1 ORX053 Viton O-Ring 90 Durometer