Lead Free FNPT x MNPT Brass Fitting Adapters

Lead free pipe brass fitting extender and reducing adapters. Various sizes available. Operating pressure up to 1200 psi. Typical applications: Grease, fuels, LP and natural gas (available on special order), refrigeration, instrumentation, and hydraulic systems. Temperature range: -65°F to +250°F (-53°C to +121°C). Fair vibration resistance. Used with brass, bronze, copper, steel, aluminum, and iron pipe. Pipe thread should be tightened 2-1/2 turns past hand tight. SAE #130139.


SKU Thread Size
A Hex Approximate Weight
23200X2-LF 1/8 × 1/8 0.83 0.50 0.04 lb
23204X2-LF 1/4 × 1/8 0.94  0.62 0.07 lb 
23206X4-LF 3/8 × 1/4 1.25 0.87  0.11 lb