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Quincy Compressor makes and sells the highest quality air compressors and vacuum pumps. Their products are used around the world in manufacturing plants, hospitals, climate control systems and any application that requires reliable air assistance. Quincy knows air technology and how to build quality air products because Quincy has been involved in the industry since 1920. That's the year three men presented an improved vacuum pump design to their company's management and were met with indifference. They reacted by launching a new company. Although the word entrepreneur was not used as frequently in 1920 as it is today, it fits the men who founded Quincy Compressor. They embodied the entrepreneurial spirit so highly regarded in today's world.

The Quincy QR block line including the Q325, Q370 and Q5120 have remained virtually unchanged over the years. Known as the industry leader "workhorse" in commercial diving applications for their reliability and low maintenance. Nuvair uses Quincy blocks in most of our commercial low pressure compressors.

Nuvair is a distributor for the entire Quincy compressor line. Visit the Quincy website compressor product selector page here Quincy and find a model that matches your requirements. Once you have the model or models your interested in, please send us an email and we will quote you delivery time and pricing.

The Quincy line includes reciprocating air compressors and air stations. All of these compressors are available through Nuvair. Nuvair stocks many of the QR-25 series pumps which are pressure lubricated with positive displacement oil pump.

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