Quincy 5120 Kubota Diesel

For use in the production of low pressure industrial or breathing air, the Quincy 5120 diesel framed-in package provides 95 CFM (2690 L/min) at 175 psi. With years of proven dependability as an industry workhorse, this is the standard in many dive companies and industrial uses worldwide. Our Kubota package includes a 5120 compressor block with head unloaders and a 35 hp Kubota D1803-M diesel engine with a belt guard mounted in a powder-coated steel frame with dual 60 gallon tanks, forklift slots and four-point lifting eyes.



  • Water cooled Kubota D1803-M diesel engine
  • Hayes PTO and bearing block
  • Full instrument panel
  • 15 gallon fuel tank
  • Air cooler and two (2) ASME rated 60-gallon volume tank
  • Hankinson filtration to 0.003 ppm oil vapor
  • 4 diver manifold
  • Simple to operate, reliable and versatile
  • Heavy duty powder-coated offshore frame with vibration isolated inner frame
  • Upgraded fuel filter


  • Low pressure regulator for downstream pressure
  • CO, CO2 or O2 analyzers
  • Audible and visual high temperature alarm
  • Low oil shutdown
  • Canvas cover
  • Air start or 12 V electric start
  • Low air pressure alarm
  • Low pressure auto switch to emergency backup


Charging Rate 96 CFM (2690 L/min)
Engine Diesel
Engine Power 37.4 hp (28 kW) @ 2220 RPM
Max Operating Pressure 200 psi (14 bar)
RPM 1040
Number of Stages 2
Lubrication Pressure
Air Quality Grade D Breathing Air
(L x W x H)
96 x 55 x 48 in
(1244 x 140 x 122 cm)
Weight 2750 lb (1247 kg)