Single Point Lift Storage Rack

Nuvair offers stock and custom designed storage racks for your high pressure tanks. Let us know your specifications and we will build you a quote to match your needs. Vertical and horizontal racks are made from heavy duty steel with cradle and manifold systems included. Our standard rack accommodates 12 cylinders. Custom racks for 6, 16 or 18 tanks also available.



  • All steel construction with Grade 8 steel structural hardware
  • Third party tested to meet NFPA 1901 Standard
  • Ergonomic design for easy operation
  • Vertical blast tubes direct air blast and debris away from operator should a failure occur
  • Useable with existing fill controls
  • 1 to 4 cylinder recharging capabilities
  • Designed to fit SCUBA and SCBA cylinders range of sizes
  • Liners to protect cylinders paint and reduce wear
  • Doors open to 60° for easy cylinder installation