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Often overlooked on our entry level compressors are the various shutdown options available. We offer options for shutting down your compressor at a set pressure, shutting off the compressor when the temperature gets too hot or when the compressor oil is low.

Our most popular option is a pressure switch that shuts down the compressor at a given set pressure. This type of pressure switch prevents the compressor from running at the max pressure for extended period of time because the operator is not available to turn off the compressor when the tank is full. The basic pressure switch is set by us at the factory and designed to be left at the factory setting. We make an adjustable pressure switch that is standard on our more feature rich compressor packages. With this switch you can set the shutdown pressure for the compressor on the fly. If you're filling at 4500 PSI on your banks and then have a customer hot fill at 3000, you can easily dial down the pressure for the compressor to shut off at the lower pressure. When multiple pressure tanks are the standard in your business we highly recommend the Dial-a-Pressure gauge switch.

Put measures in place to make sure you don't damage your compressor. High temperature and low oil switches do just this, protect your investment. These options may not be the first that come to mind but should be added to any compressor purchase. We can install monitors for low oil and high temperature that will automatically shutdown the compressor and or give you a visual warning if the monitors' sensor is activated. These options are best to have put on the compressor before they leave our facility as they require us to tap into the compressor block and run wiring that is not user install-able.

The above mentioned options are standard on many of our compressor packages, however, for those that don't come with these switches, just ask and we will be happy to add them to your quote.

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