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Is my air pure enough to breathe? Has that moisture been subtracted from this nitrogen? Does our air meet NFPA recommendations? If you're asking yourself questions like these, then X-zam labs is your best answer. X-zam labs can analyze your air/gas against the limits set by agencies such as OSHA, NFPA, PADI, and the U.S. Navy.

To maintain the integrity of your air/gas production, as in making any kind of product, you're wise to adhere to a quality assurance program. As part of that program, especially in the case of critically pure gases, it's prudent to include analysis of the result gas. You'll want to employ a third party lab to perform these unbiased analysis. A lab that uses precise scientific methods. One that's accredited by an international agency. One with agents across the globe. One such as X-zam Labs at Lawrence Factor.

Using precision methodology, X-zam Labs carefully analyzes many types of inert air/gas specimens to search out even the smallest traces of undesirable contaminants. Undetected, these pollutants can have far-reaching or disastrous consequences: disabling illness, inoperative equipment, or simply ineffectual product. The reasons for accurate analysis are endless. You may simply be driven to comply with safety standards set by agencies such as the NFPA or OSHA.

We provide everything needed with an X-zam sampling kit, which is loaned to you at no charge. Trapping the specimen couldn't be simpler because our kit acts just like the cylinders you're already accustomed to filling - there are no complicated vials or gadgets. Tests can be conducted on a one-time basis or you may enroll in a program where specimens are analyzed on a regular schedule.

In the field of purified gases, no other firm matches the resources and qualifications of Lawrence Factor. With our purification expertise and technical support, X-zam Labs has a distinct advantage in analyzing compressed air/gas.

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