About Us

Nuvair manufactures and distributes low- and high-pressure compressor systems for a wide variety of industries including diving, paintball, fire & safety, compressed natural gas (CNG), industrial, automotive, military and government. We offer standard and custom configurations in both stationary and portable systems. Whether powered by electric motors, gas or diesel engines, all Nuvair compressor packages are manufactured in-house at our California facility. From initial design to final installation, our technicians make sure your compressor package is inspected, tested and delivered on time. Our service and support after the sale helps keep your system running with minimal downtime.

Nuvair CEO and founder, Glenn Huebner, is the innovative force behind many of Nuvair's nitrox systems. He has a Bachelor's of Science Degree in Finance from California State University, Northridge, and more than 40 years experience in commercial/sport diving and gas producing systems design and use.

Nuvair production manager Danny Graham assists in the technical design of the company's products and is responsible for coordinating the manufacturing process. He is a certified compressor repair technician and has more than 30 years experience in the commercial and sport diving industry.

Glenn and Danny are backed by a team of compressed gas system designers, service technicians, sales representatives and support staff with decades of collective industry experience.


Nitrox Systems

Nuvair pioneered the production of enriched air nitrox using semi-permeable membrane technology. Our patented membrane system produces breathing air with 21% to 40% oxygen on both low- and high-pressure compressors. We offer turnkey enriched air systems that provide nitrox in a standalone package or nitrox generators that can be placed in-line with your existing compressor system.

Nitrogen Generation Systems

Using the same patented semi-permeable membrane technology used in our nitrox systems, our nitrogen generation system can produce a constant flow of up to 99.9% pure nitrogen.

Low Pressure Compressors

Nuvair manufactures breathing and industrial low pressure compressor systems. We use the finest components during compressor fabrication in our never-ending quest to exceed industry standards. Compressors may all look the same, but our attention to detail and sourcing of superior parts make Nuvair compressors stand out from the rest.

High Pressure Compressors

Nuvair also manufactures a line of high pressure compressor systems at its California facility. Our units come in portable and stationary configurations, are powered by electric motor, gas or diesel engine, and can serve a variety of demands. Many of these systems are co-manufactured by Coltri Compressors of Italy.

Custom-Built Compressors

We understand your needs may differ from the solutions provided by our standard compressor packages. Our team of designers is ready to develop a customized system to meet your demands. With all manufacturing done in-house, we can design a unique system for your vessel, facility, or mobile application. Please call or email and we will design the perfect compressor package for your specific needs.

Support Equipment

If a part or product is needed to make your gas compressor work the way you want it to, chances are we carry it. Whether its small parts and accessories, fill panels, filtration systems, gas analyzers, fill containment stations, air bank storage racks, or test gases, Nuvair is your source for compressed gas solutions.