Parts & Accessories

Air coolers, auto drains, filters, fittings, gas test kits, gauges, hoses, meters, oil, regulators, service kits, switches, and valves… That is just the start of the parts and accessories Nuvair stocks for all the equipment we service and sell!

Parts & Accessories

  1. Air & Gas Test Kits

    Does the compressed gas produced by your system meet national standards? If you don’t know that answer, X-zam® Labs can help. ...
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  2. Air & Water Coolers

    We stock air coolers, seawater coolers, and stainless steel seawater heat exchangers, and oil coolers for low pressure, high pressure and rotary screw compressors.

  3. Auto Drains

    Automate your compressor condensate draining process with auto drains. Eliminate the need for an operator to manually drain the compressor every 10 to 15 minutes. Improper condensate draining pract...
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  4. Fill Whips & Adapters

    Used to control and transfer compressed gas between identical and dissimilar containers and valve types, fill whips and adapters come in a variety of configurations and fittings.

  5. Fittings

    We stock dozens of fittings in the following categories: CGA | Compression Tube | Hose Ends | JIC/SAE | NPT | Oxygen Service Ready | Quick Disconnect

  6. Gauges & Meters

    Liquid-filled pressure gauges from -30 inHg (-100 kPa) to 10,000 psi (689 bar), dial-a-pressure auto-stop & auto-restart gauges, and tach/hour meters for gas and diesel engines, Nuvair carries ...
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  7. Hoses

    Nuvair stocks and can fabricate to your specifications a variety of compressed gas hoses including, low- and high-pressure, microbore, corrugated intake, whips, and pour over tank hoses.

  8. Motor Starters

    We offer standard starters and a range of NEMA 4x rated starter boxes.

  9. Oil & Lubricants

    Compressors require special oils depending on their intended use and design. For instance, a low-pressure breathing air system will require different oil than a high-pressure industrial air system....
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  10. Oxygen Service Ready

    From hose to gauges to fittings and testing equipment, parts and accessories listed here are cleaned and ready for oxygen service. An industry standard, "cleaned for oxygen service" (also known as ...
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  11. Pumps

    Electric gas compression pumps sold separately are listed here.

  12. Service Kits

    Check here for valve rebuild kits and compressor kits for 100-, 300-, 500- and 1,000-hour servicing.

  13. Shutdown Switches

    Often overlooked on our entry level compressors are the various shutdown options available, such as Dial-a-Pressure, high temperature and low oil level. Our most popular option is Dial-a-Pressure t...
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  14. Valves & Regulators

    Valves and regulators are sorted in the following categories: High Pressure Regulators, Low Pressure Regulators, Inline Valves, Check Valves, Condensate Drain Valves, Back Pressure Regulators, and ...
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  15. Visual Indicators

    Our in-line visual carbon monoxide and moisture indicators are an inexpensive way to keep an eye on air quality. Nuvair also offers a digital CO monitor analyzer that you can check out here Pro CO....
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