CO & Moisture Element Replacements

Carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O) element replacements for Visual Indicator (SKU 6062).


Visual indicators (SKU 6062) warn compressor operators of an impending need to change filter cartridge(s). At the core of this unit are elements. Elements contain reagents which respond to a specific contaminant within a determined range. The elements in SKU 592-6 detect the presence of carbon monoxide (CO) and moisture (H2O).

Since the indicator's element “sees” the gas at actual operating pressure and conditions, it is fairly accurate and is very helpful in determining cartridge lifespan. However, it does not take the place of scientific instruments nor give quantitative measurements.

Always depressurize the system and disconnect the electrical source prior to performing any service action. Do not direct compressed gases at bodily openings, eyes, or skin. Replace entire indicator assembly if any portion of it, other than seals, exhibits wear or deterioration.

For additional information on the CO & Moisture Elements, please review the attached brochure.

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