Breathing Air Refill Hose: 7000 psi (482 bar) Rated | 3/16 in & 1/4 in

High pressure thermoplastic hose specifically designed for breathing air tank refill applications. 7000 psi (482 bar) working pressure at 73°F/23°C. Available in 3/16 in and 1/4 in diameter sizes. Does not include fittings. Sold by the foot; order the quantity of feet you need. For example, if you would like a 5-foot hose, you would order a quantity of "5."

527BA Breathing Air Refill Hose is a 7000 psi (483 bar) constant working pressure hose that complies with CGA G7.1-1 Grade E Breathing Air Standards and NFPA 1901.


  • Integrated containment fill stations
  • Pneumatics
  • Mobile and stationary systems with or without cascade controls
  • Portable SCBA fill
  • Not for use as part of a SCBA systems
  • Not for use between pressure reducing regulator and breathing mask
  • This hose does not contain a conductive element; therefore, it should not be used with explosive gases such as pure oxygen and hydrogen



527BA-3 (3/16 in)

527BA-4 (1/4 in)

Nominal I.D.

3/16 in

1/4 in

Maximum O.D.

0.43 in

0.52 in

Minimum Bend Radius

1.5 in

2 in


0.05 lb/ft (0.07 kg/m)

0.07 lb/ft (0.11 kg/m)




Aramid fiber



Maximum Working Pressure

7000 psi (483 bar)

Working Temperature Range

-40°F to +180°F (-40°C to +82°C)

Minimum Burst Pressure

4x maximum working pressure at 73°F (23°C)

Vacuum Rating

28 in Hg

Crimp Fittings

CG Series