Beko Low Pressure Refrigerated Dryers

Nuvair proudly uses Beko refrigerated dryers in all our low pressure compressor packages. Beko compressed air refrigeration dryers provide users with several advanced features creating a balanced and efficient drying system. The dryers come in a wide array of CFM configurations with convenient 50/60 Hz capabilities.


The unique VarioFlow technology of the hot gas by-pass valve, utilizes a special, gas charged capsule that operates independently of power or electronic support. Thus providing users with 100% stable dew point, no maintenance, and zero freeze up. The synergistic effect when combined with the standard BEKOMAT results in a dryer that has a direct effect on reducing energy consumption and displays maximum respect for the environment because nearly every component can be recycled. This not only adds to the stability and reliability and reliability of the dryer, but transforms one of the most inefficient pieces of compressed air treatment equipment into an energy saving one.


Product # CFM Voltage Frequency
F20-1 20 110V 60Hz
F20-2 20 220V 50/60Hz
F35-1 35 110V 60Hz
F35-2 35 220V 50/60Hz
F50-1 50 110V 60Hz
F50-2 50 220V 50/60Hz
F75-1 75 110V 60Hz
F75-2 75 220V 50/60Hz
F100-2 100 220V 50/60Hz
F125-2 125-150 220V 50/60Hz
F175-2 175-200 220V 50/60Hz

Correction Factors

Operating Pressure (psi) 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200
Correction Factor 0.79 0.91 1.00 1.07 1.13 1.18 1.23 1.27
Inlet Temperature °F 90 100 110 120 130
Correction Factor 1.11 1.00 0.80 0.65 0.53
Standard outlet pressure dew point 41 °F
Max. inlet air temperature 130 °F
Min./max. ambient temperature 34 °F / 115 °F
Max. inlet pressure  
F20 - F50 232 psi
F75 - F175 200 psi
Required Pre-filtration 1.0 µm
Recommended Post-filtration 0.01 µm