Nuvair's patented semipermeable membranes produce on-site, on-demand, enriched air nitrox (EANx) using standard air compressors. Purchase a membrane system as a standalone product for integration into an existing air compressor system or as a complete turnkey package for low-pressure (LP) or high-pressure (HP) 22-40% nitrox production.


  1. HP Systems

    Nuvair nitrox systems use modern membrane technology to produce nitrox from standard air compressors. Our membrane systems can be purchased as a standalone product to be incorporated into an existi...
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  2. HP Turnkey Systems

    Nuvair nitrox systems use membrane technology to produce nitrox from standard air compressors. Our complete, turnkey high pressure system generates any desired nitrox percentage between 22% and 40%...
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  3. LP Turnkey Systems

    LP nitrox compressor systems are built to deliver surface-supplied air or nitrox at up to 40% oxygen directly to the diver. Our turnkey packages deliver 10 to 50 CFM (283 to 1416 L/min) and are pow...
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  4. LP Generators

    Nuvair low-pressure turnkey nitrox generators are for facilities with an existing high-pressure compressor that are ready to produce nitrox with one of our economical and safe nitrox membrane syste...
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  5. Custom Conex

    Nuvair has a solution for using your existing hydraulics to drive our high-pressure nitrox systems. These packages can be built into a standard conex container for use offshore.

  6. Hydraulic Package

    Our innovative low-pressure and high-pressure hydraulic nitrox compressor package leverages existing hydraulic pumps aboard commercial vessels or offshore installations to power heavy-duty nitrox g...
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  7. Membrane System
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