Coltri Motor Sheave (Pulley) Series

A motor sheave is powered by the compressor motor or engine. The sheave drives the compressor transmission belt which transfers power to the compressor block pulley. Motor sheaves (also known as motor pulleys) specific to compressors sold by Nuvair, are listed here.

Motor sheaves are critical for controlling output RPM. A sheave determines the output ratio to achieve the desired PRM for performance and longevity. Having the right sheave to drive your transmission belt for optimal RPM is essential to achieving maximum performance, and life of machine.

For technical assistance with replacing a motor sheave on compressors purchased through Nuvair, contact contact the Nuvair sales team. Please note that some sheaves may be special order items. To confirm lead times, contact the Nuvair sales team at +1.805.815.4044.