Hankison HSHD Series: Maintenance Kits

For continued good performance of your SPX Flow Hankison HSHD Series dryer and to maintain the product warranty, all regular dryer maintenance should be performed by an authorized service technician. Use only genuine replacement parts from the manufacturer. The manufacturer bears no responsibility for hazards caused by the use of unauthorized parts. Two annual maintenance Kits for the HSHD Series are available for purchase: (1) Years 2 & 4, and (2) Years 3 & 5.

Hankison Genuine Parts

Nuvair is an Authorized Hankison® Distributor
Nuvair sells only genuine parts and equipment manufactured by SPX Flow Hankison®. Do not be fooled by cheap aftermarket copies of original Hankison® equipment. Items labeled “replacement” or “alternative” are not manufactured by SPX Flow Hankison®.

HSHD Series Extended Warranty

As an extra measure of protection, Hankison will provide additional coverage beyond the standard 1-year warranty. Purchase and register a HSHD dryer with filtration package to qualify for an extended warranty up to 5 years. Warranty will be extended yearly through the purchase and installation of a qualifying annual maintenance kit. Extended warranty covers up to 4 years additional protection, parts and labor, a total of 5 years.


For a complete breakdown of maintenance kit contents, see section 10.0, Replacement Parts & Maintenance Kits, on page 16 of the Hankison HSHD Series Instruction Manual, located under the User Manuals tab.

Dryer Model Maintenance Kit for Years 2 & 4 Maintenance Kit for Years 3 & 5
HSHD-13 HSHDMK13-2-4 HSHDMK13-3-5
HSHD-18 HSHDMK18-2-4 HSHDMK18-3-5
HSHD-21 HSHDMK21-2-4 HSHDMK21-3-5
HSHD-27 HSHDMK27-2-4 HSHDMK27-3-5
HSHD-40 HSHDMK40-2-4 HSHDMK40-3-5

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