PRESEC Visual Filter Saturation Indicator

The PRESEC system has a wired probe that connects to the compressor’s first filter tower and visually indicates the saturation level of the filter element (cartridge).

The PRESEC system's wired probe connects to the compressor’s first filter tower and provides visual indicators of the filter element saturation level. The PRESEC three LED display indicates four levels of filter element saturation:

  1. Steady Green Light (a): System is operational; cartridge OK
  2. Pulsing Yellow Light (b): Pre-alarm. Element is near its service life and will need replacement soon.
  3. Pulsing Red Light (c): Alarm. Element is exhausted and must be replaced immediately.
  4. Pulsing Red Light (c): Alarm. The filter element is missing, or the filtering system is interrupted. Compressor turns off and cannot be turned on again without inserting a new element or determining the source of the alarm.

While the yellow light pulses (b), the steady green light (a) will illuminate because the filter element is not completely saturated. If no LEDs illuminate, the PRESEC is not powered.