Nuvair 455 Food Grade Synthetic HP/LP Reciprocating Compressor Oil

Food grade synthetic high and low pressure reciprocating compressor oil for use in breathing air systems. Save $5 per gallon with a purchase of four or more gallons.

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Nuvair 455 is an ISO Grade 100 and NSF-registered H1 premium quality food grade synthetic oil designed for use in high and low pressure breathing air compressors. Made with the highest quality polyalphaolefin (PAO) base oils, Nuvair 455 offers a superior proprietary additive package to achieve long life and provide improved wear, oxidation and lubricity over competing brands. Suitable for use in reciprocating compressors producing up to 40% oxygen enriched air.

A little thinner than the Nuvair 751 oil, Nuvair 455 is our standard lubricant for use with breathing air high and low pressure reciprocating compressors as it is safer for use with less possibly harmful chemicals.

Oil changes recommended every 100 hours on high pressure multistage compressors and up to 4000 hours on low pressure single stage compressors under good or ideal operating conditions. When used in EANx compressors, oil life decreases with the production of higher oxygen concentrations.

All oil lubricated breathing air compressors must be used with proper filtration.

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WarningWARNING: Never use motor oil in a compressor.