Coltri Oil ST 755 | 1L

Coltri ST 755 fully synthetic compressor oil with high viscosity index. Excellent performance at high and low temperatures. Nominal operating range: +5°F to 482°F (-15°C to +250°C). Can be used with nitrox breathing air up 40% O2 (EANx40). 1 Liter size.


COLTRI OIL ST 755 is a fully synthetic lubricant for breathing air compressors, produced with Tri-Ester technology and formulated to provide excellent and durable lubrication in the compression process in high and low temperature pumping units. Coltri synthetic oil has a life up to 8 times longer, ensuring less frequent changes compared to mineral oils.

Energy consumption is reduced by up to 50% compared to a mineral product with the same viscosity. Its cleaning power, superior oxidation resistance and extraordinary thermal stability keep compressor parts cleaner. What does this mean? Less maintenance and more safety. 1 Liter size.

WarningWARNING: Never use motor oil in a compressor.