Back Pressure Regulator | 1/4 in FNPT, 6000 psi

Back pressure regulator, 1/4 in FNPT. Maximum pressure rated to 6000 psi (414 bar). Outlet pressure adjustment range of 300-5000 psi (21-345 bar). The set pressure can be adjusted by loosening the jam nut and turning the adjusting screw.


Also known as a priority valve, the model 211 is a fully balanced, economical regulator. It serves a wide variety of uses, however it's main use is on small compressors. The regulator will improve moisture separator efficiency and filter life as much as 450%. This is done by maintaining pressure in the separator and filter at 1800 psi or more when tank pressure is lower. It has two outlet ports permitting attachment of a filling yoke and gauge directly to the regulator. This eliminates costly fittings.



Back Pressure Regulator

Special Features

High Flow

Maximum Rated Pressure

6000 psi (40 MPa)

Set Pressure

1800 psi (124 bar)

Outlet Pressure Setting Range/Adjustment Range

300-5000 psi (21-345 bar)

Inlet Port Size

1 ea 1/4 in FNPT

Outlet Port Size

2 ea 1/4 in FNPT

Outlet Pressure Rating

6000 psi (414 bar)

Flow Capacity

2 to 50 SCFM


Zero external; 0.05 SCFM internal


195 g

Size (L x W x H)

3.7 x 1.5 x 1 in

Minimum Temperature

-15ºF (-26ºC)

Body Material

Anodized Aluminum

Internal Materials


Seal Materials


Flow Coefficient (Cv)


Typical Applications

Separator and filter systems
Control systems
Cascading systems