Brass Hand Operated Open/Close Valve

The 816 Series valve is an open or shut valve for air, gas, or liquid lines up to 6000 psi. In the normal or relaxed position the valve is shut and the lever extends straight out. When the lever is tipped in any direction the valve opens. A variety of levers can be connected to the 1/4-20 thread. For example, using an eye bolt as shown, the valve could be operated by a lanyard. In many cases the valve eliminates the need for snap action switches, solenoids, and other complicated devices to open or shut a line based on mechanical action.



Type Open/Close Valve
Maximum Rated Pressure 6000 psi
Maximum Differential Pressure 6000 psi
Inlet Port Size 1/4 in MNPT
Outlet Port Size 1/4 in FNPT
Outlet Pressure Rating 6000 psi
Leakage Bubble tight
Weight 1.3 lb (574 g)
Overall Length 4.5 in
Hex Diameter 1.38 in
Minimum Temperature -15ºF (-26ºC)
Body Material Brass
Internal Materials Brass 
Seal Materials Kel-F
Flow Coefficient (Cv) 0.05 (equals 0.07 in orifice)

Typical Applications

  • Test panels where fast, accurate, hand control of pressure is desired
  • Gas supply interlocks such as protective doors on charging stations
  • Component testing
  • Process industry control
  • Charging stations where it is desirable to have the supply shutoff if operator releases control
  • NOTE: For replacement toggle valves used on all paintball panels manufactured by Nuvair, please see SKU 816-V.