Metal Repackable Drying Filter Cartridge | SKU SC000440

Refillable compressor cartridge filter filled with molecular sieve and activated carbon. Made of metal. Removes moisture, hydrocarbons, oil, taste/odor and particles. For use in MCH8-MCH23 compressors.


Filter Cartridge Warnings

DO NOT drop filter into housing.
DO NOT use where operating temperature could exceed 120°F (49ºC). Use of a temperature alarm is recommended.
HEAT & HUMIDITY shorten filter life.
DO NOT introduce large slugs of water into filter.
BLOW all lines and parts clear prior to installation.
DO NOT use where pressure surges are likely.
DO NOT use in system without earth ground.
REMOVE all protective seals and closures.
NOT FOR use in aircraft.
ALWAYS follow standard operating procedures (SOP) for producing breathing gases.
MAXIMUM USEFUL LIFESPAN is six months. Shelf life is two years.