Air/Nitrogen 6-Tank Horizontal Storage Rack

Nuvair 6-tank air/nitrogen horizontal racks are made from heavy duty steel with a two-bank manifold system, one HP-HP regulator, and one 2.5 in regulated fill gauge included. Horizontal frame is stackable. Optional fill/distribution panel available. All racks are powder coated blue; other colors available upon request.



The 6-tank horizontal storage rack is equipped with:

  • (1) High Pressure-High Pressure Regulator
  • (1) 2-1/2 in Regulated Fill Gauge
  • (2) Banks with Gauges, Isolation Valves and Stainless Steel Tube Manifold
  • Optional Fill/Distribution Panel (adds ~40 lb [~18 kg] to total weight)
SKU Tank
Configuration Included
Storage Tanks
Storage Capacity
NUVTR-H6-4500 6 Frame & Air Tanks Includes (4) 4500 psi air storage tanks 2622 cu ft
(74 m³)
NUVTR-H6-4500-N 6 Frame & Nitrogen Tanks Includes (4) 4500 psi nitrogen storage tanks 2622 cu ft
(74 m³)

* All storage racks are custom-made. For information on dimensions, weight and estimated lead times, please contact the sales team.